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As of 2010, Francois, restaurateur and wine merchant in Paris, took the habit of seconding Florent, winemaker and winery director in various regions, during the harvest and vinifications.

When they created the collective in 2015, they wanted to break down the existing barriers in the wine world by crafting new wines involving the greatest sharing possible between people.

Because they like wines that stand on the verge, aerial, elegant with little guarantees but a lot of self- control, they choose to name the collective: "LES ÉQUILIBRISTES" ("the tightrope walkers").

Florent and François, acting as driving forces, spend a big amount of their time on the field to visit each partnering winemaker. This allows to maintain deep exchanges throughout the winemaking process.

After bottling in situ, the wines are then sent and stored at Florent's winery in Bergerac (Dordogne) to facilitate the logistical organisation.

Florent and François are also seconded by Mylène, based in Bergerac, where she follows up on administrative, logistical and sales issues.

Henri, former owner of La Trinquette, a winebar in Brussels, is in charge of social media. Uyen manages the internet website.

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